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Well, that was certainly different.... LOL!

I give the editor big points for doing something bold and fresh with this material! Is this how I want my Superman? Not really. "I Spent The Night With Superman", takes on a whole new literal meaning in this version and I got to admit it made me howl with laughter when the newspaper headline appears. This Superman seems to be a bit of douche to me.... but I guess it was the 1970s.... lol.

And I gotta admit, the second half of this edit reeled me in and held my attention to the very end. Lots of clever ideas are introduced, some working better than others.

Technically, the picture quality was a bit off. There were times when there appears to be a red colouring to Zod's uniform. There was also an odd pitch to some of the background noises like the thunderstorm, the destruction of Krypton, the cable that hooks on to the helicopter....

The narrative is faster paced and works well for the first half. The second half, the story feels a bit disjointed at times, characters disappear, new characters introduced without real explanation, a few visual continuity errors....

I almost wish there was more changes and boldness taken with the first half of the edit to make it feel more balanced. As it is, it is a bit of mixed bag for me that while entertaining did not quite reach its full potential. I had fun but wish I had loved it more.

Thumbs Up.

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July 24, 2015
"This Superman seems to be a bit of douche to me"
It's funny you say that actually, as blueyoda had made a series of YouTube shorts called "Superman Being a Douche". Sadly his YouTube account got axed so those shorts aren't available anymore. Although one of them was put on the Time Travel Consecution disc as an Easter Egg.
Note to self: I need to convince blueyoda to release his "Blueyoda Theater" disc as an actual IFDB listing.
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