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It's a proper professional edit in my eyes as the cuts and audio work well and nothing really stood out for me that looked too ajar. All good.

Nothing really changes in the narrative apart from the third act. Of course, lots of padding are completely removed - you could have cut it more in my opinion, but you probably did well to keep the story intact than make the edit look like an fanboy butchering.

I originally thought Lois' death was going to be removed, so it was a massive surprise when she actually did die...I personally hate the Superman "time travelling" narrative so I'm glad the editor in some ways took the original path he did - and of course this is where Superman III comes in handy because Super-goodie turns Super-baddie (well...more super-angry teenager, but that's no fault of the editor) and whilst Superman is basically doing nothing for the rest of the film, we simultaneously follow the Superman II plot of the Phantom Zone villains taking over the world. And that's it.

I think the last couples of minutes and the credits themselves are truly haunting and that's what makes the edit the same time the viewer is probably still thinking, "and what happens to Superman next?" and having no conclusion is probably what will upset most people. But for me personally I thought it was original and creative and I liked it.

Overall the film is still slightly too long for that incredibly short, but amazing final act which changes everything completely.

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