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Review by Sunarep — August 14, 2011 @ 10:58 pm

Three letters to describe this edit: WOW

I have rarely been that impressed with an edit. Seeing as there will very soon be a great version of Superman Returns I was looking for good versions of the original seeing as Superman was the thing that brought me into fanediting. I really enjoy Superman I and II, but there is a lot of camp that can’t be taken with a straight face anymore and sadly seeing as we haven’t yet had an updated good version of Superman the originals are the ones to show to the uninitiated and they provoke smiles more than awe most of the time.

The reason is that we fans see behind the flaws, see the fantastic ideas of heroism and all the things that make superman the definitive Superhero, but even the most diehard fans can defend many of the scenes.

Having downloaded this just to watch a new take on superman I was not only taken by surprise but awe. Going 2.5 hours this edit is not only good, it is outstanding. It takes everything that is great of the original and shows us why these movies are so beloved, why they keep get referenced by the likes of Christopher Nolan and Sam Raimi as the example of how to adapt a comic.

Technically the edit is almost flawless except one audio glitch when Vito Corleone starts to explain the universe to Superman. The editing fits, the story is fantastic and adding Lois’s realization that Clark is Superman right after the interview makes everything more awesome (basically this edit takes the only good idea of the trainwreck that was Green Lantern and insterts it right into Superman).
Others have pointed out that the bad guys stay some time on the moon and I was bothered with that for only a few moments, when I realized that they might just be toying with their powers and starting it slow.

Now to the problem almost all the reviews have mentioned: Lex Luthor. His sudden reveal is a bit drastic I must admit and yeah it is strange that he knows everything about Superman… but frankly I can take this over Luthor’s prison hologram and any of his escapes any day. Truth is, there will never be a definitive version of Superman and there is a reason why after Star Wars Superman is the most often fanedited franchise (I guess it is): there will always be problems.

But seeing as how much bad things there are in the originals, or how unsatisfying some other fanedits of Superman are, Lex Luthor is such a minor problem, I can’t begrudge anything. This edit has thrilled me so much it will be the fourth edit I will eagerly show to friends, to convince them of Superman. If any movie can make cynics believe that a man can fly it will be this one.

Fantastic work to both editors, keep it up, this edit is an outstanding example of what fanediting can do. 10/10

On a technical note, the customized titles just show the love at work, customary titles is something we rarely see, especially not very complex ones, so I appreciate the time L8 took after he was already finished to give us the best possible experience. Even more, Zack Snyder’s reboot would only need to adapt this edit with better effects minus Luthor and it would be a smash hit.
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