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Review by baileym43 — March 4, 2011 @ 4:32 pm

So yeah, I watched this the other day and i loved it. That opening sequence was amazing. The missile thing was cool. just another thing he did to save the day. Sure you notice the image quality is a tad better, but who cares. All the annoying comedy is gone, except for Clark, but he’s supposed to be goofy. It makes sense Lois figured out the big mystery so soon because she’d had the most contact with them both. Lex, sure, was a bit abrupt and out of nowhere, he does have that small bit of throwaway dialog explaining himself, “I’m the best there is.”, but there could have been some small clips or glimpses at him earlier on. Not of him doing anything, but just to show us that he’s there and is watching Superman. Then we assume he’s doing his own background research. In fact, the way it is, Lex has almost been set up as a fanedit sequel villain.

Now as said earlier how it’s logical that Zod’s gang spent so much time on the moon tormenting the astronauts, I thought they were up there way to long. There was to much cutting back to them still on the moon. But that’s it. My only two gripes. You put two entire movies together and it turned out amazing, better than the two movies by themselves. The ending was great, entirely believable and poignant, and dramatic. They became people instead of just characters. The easter egg diner scene was cool too, though would have been better placed at the end of the credits.

Technically flawless as far as I noticed, (except for the missile thing earlier). The dvd extras were really fun too. I love the extra effort with those.

9 from 10 for me. It never once made me look at the clock.
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