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Finally got around to watching this. So this is basically a remake of ADigitalMan’s classic Superman Redeemed fanedit with some great creative ideas.

First, the opening credits of the edit (which are overly long but seems to use the theme from Superman II I want to say, and maybe that was also just as long?) establishes itself clearly as a direct sequel to Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut, complete with the “blank bullets” test-shoot scene, the “freedom of the press” line reading (no vocal in the credits of course), and turning back time. Would personally have preferred it if all of it were out and the recap was as general as it could be to allow for anyone to headcanon a different set of fanedits for SI and II, but ultimately it’s the editor’s choice to make this a straightforward sequel to an official release. No biggie.

Also, while the edits were mostly good, there were a couple of moments in the film where I thought the edit was abrupt, but nothing that took me completely out of the movie. Most of these won’t bother anyone; especially someone who isn’t looking for them.

The rest of my thoughts on the edit is that the execution is almost there, but something is missing. As others have stated it still feels like a Frankenstein’s monster of a movie (lol), but that’s no fault of the editor. And I think it’s definitely an improvement over ADM’s story—not that it was bad, but it only went insofar as being a fun Superman adventure. This edit allows for some more introspection. With the limited footage available it’s extremely hard to form a story with it—the Lana Lang stuff especially feels out of place this time. But with scenes like Lois visiting a sick Clark and emphasizing his feeling lost, and with more connective tissue with the plotlines, I feel like we’re super close to cracking this! The fight with Superman and Clark in the junkyard, unlike in the original film and Redeemed, is SCREAMING to say something thematic, but we’re not there yet it seems. But this got close, and that deserves commendation for such a hard task of making this kind of edit!

Some other notes I had…

A) Why is it 7 years later again?

B) Don’t know why you kept the Kryptonian sage repeatedly saying “betrayed” cornily, after the other gave a sick ass thematic line that almost ties everything together.

C) The early set up Deus Ex Machina of the redundant green crystal from SIV, while it allows for the very nice Smallville scene to play, bothered me for being here in this movie. It retcons the first movie and it’s function is annoying.

D) Connected to that, I don’t think I agree with the new flow of how evil Superman is born. So Superman gets scratched, gets sick, heals himself with the crystal, goes to Ricky’s birthday, but the radiation still has an effect so he turns into a douchebag? I guess it still works but I think it needlessly overcomplicates things, and I personally prefer ADM’s simpler way of Superman being directly affected by the scratch. I feel like my version would still have Lois bring back Superman’s cape as it’s a great, subtle scene, but I’d then transition to Superman starting to turning evil from the radiation. I think the worst this would do is confuse why he was sick before turning evil but it can easily be inferred that it was a rough night slash transformation process.

E) I would personally have made an effort to bring the events of these in line with Returns and (since it referred to events in these movies as well) Crisis (which I think Superman revealing he’s Superman to Lois again here helps with Returns, except for the fact that she forgot again? But that’s a Returns problem in the first place) but that’s totally a me thing that doesn’t matter at all lol.

F) The AI upscaling… I’m not a fan of it in general, as I’m a proponent of genuine grain and detail and its preservation, but I also couldn’t tell exactly where it’s been used (sparingly to fix some stuff vs. Widely) and how much, so I guess it really doesn’t matter since I didn’t notice, lol.

That’s all, great job on this! You got me thinking what I want to do with the 1978-2006 Superman films now! Maybe I’ll have my own take on III + IV at some point.
Owner's reply March 20, 2024

Thanks a lot for the detailed review. This one I found to be particularly helpful. I think there are definite blind spots for me on what works and what does not. In my head it all works pretty well, but as we know, what is received by the audience is very different. I have had a long time away from this edit now, and I do think there are things I would change (some of your suggestions are great), but also things I think we just get hamstrung into trying to cut these two films together. I have a slightly improved version of this edit in my personal collection which fixes some audio issues and injects more of Lex and Nuclear Man into the story so they don't just drop off into oblivion for the evil Superman section. But that being said, I cannot wait to see how the next person tackles this concept. I am super hopeful that, as you stated, someone will finally definitively crack this baby. Thank you very much for your review.

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(Updated: March 19, 2024) March 19, 2024
I believe Sniper actually edited that entire intro himself, to the song of his choice. I helped approve it and upscale it. The AI upscale was of every frame of the film, so I'm glad you barely noticed it. Sniper's original footage was too subpar for approval and had no way of fixing it, so I offered to help by upscaling it. The grain added was done using Topaz. Again, I did it to every frame of the film/their edit. It wasn't sporadic. Thanks for the honest review either way!
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