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Two and a bit decades ago, ADigitalman uploaded what I consider to be the best first entry for any aspiring fanediting viewer or creator, Superman Redeemed, a seemless blend of Superman III and IV into one cohesive story. It demonstrated that, combined, the last two entries in the Reeve saga could offer so much more to the evolution of his Superman story.

The edit has now been, in my opinion, just about bettered with this version. It's not a shot-for-shot remake of the edit with blu-ray quality, but it is very much in keeping with it's spirit, it does it's own thing here and there, which just adds to it's ambition. There were certainly ideas in this that I've seen tried in other edits before besides just ADM, but it's all in how they're handled and depicted on screen that makes the difference.

Sometimes there were audio transitions that felt like they were awkwardly slotted in, but I've often had problems in that department with my edits so I won't fault them for that, everything got better the more it progressed.

The middle bridge between credits is a great means of 'modernising' this cut for today's current cinema goers, even if the production is old, and it creates a splendid, and emotionally resonant coda to a plot point raised and discarded in Superman II.

Superman Redeemed paved the path, Superman Resurrection grits it. A splendid entry and a fitting love letter to the best of the worst Superman has to offer, and the people who strive to present their promise to you
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