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Review by jjrdias — December 22, 2009 @ 2:30 pm

An awesome fanedit, both unbelievably entertaining and educational. RedLetterMedia absolutely dissects the piece of crap that is TPM and, at last, and as TMBTM wrote in the forum, puts the finger firmly on everything that alwats felt wrong about the movie. In one swipe, we get to realise what made TPM such crap and made the original movies so great – hard to understand how they were made by the same guy…

Most of all, it’s brilliantly written, very funny, and, at the same time, brutally honest.

Everyone who ever watched TPM and came away confused as to how and why it didn’t work will finally realise it’s not just Jar-Jar’s fault, and that the roots of the problem lie deeper. The atention to all the details George Lucas missed is extraordinary, and makes us wonder what happened to the supposed genius who created the franchise. Unmissable, this is one to share wildly with friends, as they too, surely, will be amazed.

From a technical standpoint, i really like the editing and overall goofy feel to the edit – soundtrack included. And, taking into account the fact this DVD was built using YouTube sources, Boon23 did a great job in tweaking them, ’cause they hold up even on my 46″ TV.

All and all, a truly great and unmissable fanedit. Thanks to RLM for his “clairvoyance”, and to Boon for taking the time to build a DVD and share it.
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