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Star Wars - Silent Edition: Episode VII
December 04, 2017    
(Updated: December 06, 2017)
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I have to say, truly impressed by this edit. Even with no actual sound from the actual playing video, everything just... works! I agree with the others, and have to say that TMBTM is seriously an expert editor. The narrative flows well, everything comes together nicely, dialogue cards are used well, does not take you out of the experience at all. What TMBTM has achieved is great, condensing TFA into just 55 minutes is impressive, and key elements, breathing room, emotional moments still have their place with nothing out of place. The music is great, very fitting overall, and also lets you feel the whole score with no other noise while making it fit emotionally, and TMBTM has done this excellently. The colour tint of the B&W scenes show emotion and tone of each scene, and more importantly each moment. The pan&scan 3:4 format, and then the vignette, grain, imperfections and all that good stuff are also done superbly!

I'll echo the others' once again too, I think I'll sit back and take a look at the other 6 edits, because this one was amazing. Stellar job, TMBTM!

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