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FanMix December 04, 2017 5339
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I've always believed one should be able to watch a movie with the audio muted and still be able to know what is going on. Perhaps it's because I've seen TFA enough to know the story, but I like to believe it's more for the fact that TMBTM is an expert editor. He manages to cut TFA down to under 60 min. focusing on the very important moments with minimal text cards popping up. It's a rather effective and refreshing way to re-watch the seventh SW film. There's not much I can say about it: it's been cropped 4:3 with film dust and hair added, the film converted to black and white with color overlays to help convey mood, and as previously noted the text cards. It looks and feels like a silent film.

If you're not into silent films then this won't do anything for you, but for those that do enjoy them you'll probably get a kick out of this. I haven't watched TMBTM's previous silent film but after watching this I will have to add them to my to watch list.

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