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I was very excited to watch this since I already consider the theatrical cut of ROTS one of my favorite (Star Wars) movies and love Octorox' approach with his extended cut. While Bobson goes one step further and adds even more scenes (and even finished the VFX for them!), they do not always fit the mood.
*light spoilers for the beginning*: Obi-Wan and Anakin see Shaak Ti getting slaughtered by Grievous and 5 seconds later they're cracking jokes and are strolling through the corridors like nothing happened. Remember the missing tension in the entirety of Episode I? This scene felt exactly like that.

This obviously isn't the editor's fault as his goal was to get Episode III to it's maximum possible length with finished effects. And that he did! I remember watching the deleted scenes off the Blu-Ray once and remembered how raw and unfinished some of them looked. Here most of the effects look like straight from ILM. Amazing work! (there was some audio twitching in the above mentioned Shaak Ti scene but I guess that'll be fixed in future versions).

Quality-wise I'm a fan of edits that make me forget I'm watching a edit and instead make me think I just put the official Blu-Ray in. Otherwise I'll reconsider twice if the theatrical version isn't just enough for my needs. This is the case with this version as for the relatively small file size (about 7gb). But I'll guess that's a decision everyone has to make for themselves.

Bobson Dugnutt's Revenge of the Sith: Expanded Edition is a good edit and definitely reaches the goal it's aiming for (creating the longest possible version with finished VFX). The light mood that is created as a result of this just isn't for me. If you always loved the more lighthearted note of Star Wars then you should absolutely consider checking this out!

As always thanks to the editor for the hard work and sharing it with us! Keep on coming. Like Zarius said before me "Young Bobson, we'll watch your career with great interest".

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