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This is a very interesting edit, with a lot of potential.
Narrative-wise, there's not much to critique, as this film does just one thing (it's in the description). It does that particular thing very well, and the new format will probably slip past many people unnoticed. If you felt TFA was a bit too close to ANH in structure, then this is the edit for you.

Narrative-wise, there is potential for improvement, but it depends what deleted scenes (if any) are released in future. Since the Starkiller attack has been removed, the second act is slightly light on drama (even if it was "forced" drama). Also the political background of the film is, perhaps, even more obscure now, since content has been moved. If future scenes give us a look at Leia's rumored political subplot, this would be perfect to re-instate, and flesh out that second section of the film, before the attack on Starkiller base begins. But these are just possibilities, and cannot be called criticisms of the edit: what Hal9000 has achieved is excellent given the material released. I only hope there is more available in future, for the editor to improve on it even more.

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Owner's reply August 15, 2016

Couldn't agree more. Thanks for the review.

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