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It was great. The original film kinda feels too narrow. It was good and enjoyable but I felt it kinda had more to it than what was shown.
This restructured edit exposed the other hidden parts of the film that allowed the entire thing to kinda relax and stretch outward, like a giant settling into its chair.

I never noticed the edits. Perhaps because it has been some time since I've seen the original, but somehow the entire edit is solid and well-paced. Some aspects still ring rather hollow for me: the entire thing with Maz Kanata simply drags on. Especially in light of what was to come later in the trilogy. Focusing more on Rey's character arc was a good thing, but it did slow the film down. It felt like the slow, stretched out middle part of a miniseries. Overall at Takodana, the film simply slows down a little too much, and it feels like something from The Phantom Menace, especially since right before it the escape sequence was so damn thrilling. Then again, it's not the editor's fault that the film itself is pretty much rather long. It feels as if the entirety of A New Hope and half of Empire Strikes Back was crammed into a single movie, but then again, cutting out more than HAL9000 already did would greatly disrupt the film's identity.

Other than that, it was great. Great video quality, great audio. I'd watch it again.

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