Star Wars Episode VII: Rise of the Resistance

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The dreaded Galactic Empire is crumbling. Following the death of the Emperor, regional powers have begun to take up arms against their imperial overlords.
Seeking to end this growing unrest, Supreme Leader Snoke has created the FIRST ORDER, a paramilitary force tasked with crushing dissent in star systems not yet in full rebellion.
Meanwhile, the largest of these separatist governments, The New Republic, has formed their own resistance group to oppose the First Order. But in this time of need, they are without their champion. Luke Skywalker has vanished...
This edit started as a recreation of a very simple edit I made back in 2018 when I didn't know that the fanediting community even existed.
Throughout the creation of this edit, with help and input from members of the community, it evolved into a much more ambitious project that I never would have thought I was capable of before.
Despite this being one of the most commonly edited movies in one of the most commonly edited franchises, I sincerely believe this edit has high quality and unique changes that will make it worthwhile for even a SW edit connoisseur to watch.
I hope you enjoy it!
Other Sources:
This edit uses two shots from The Day After Tomorrow, and a handful of stock images and sound effects for the custom VFX scenes.
Special Thanks:
So many people helped me with this edit in one way or another, so if I miss you off the list, I'm really sorry. I promise it's not from indifference, just from being overwhelmed by the incredible support from this community.
First of all, I have to thank DonkeyKonga who's ideas transformed this edit from mediocre to a project I'm really proud of.
krausfadr, addiesin, and FrameSniffer all helped me with my first attempt at VFX.
FrameSniffer, Bailey, DigModiFicaTion, Wraith, ArtIsDead, and especially INIGHTMARES helped me with the second big VFX moment which came from DonkeyKonga's idea.
Wraith also helped me convert the audio for surround sound.
Phase3 helped me write, and created the opening text crawl, and proof-watched the edit for me.
And ArtIsDead also proof-watched the edit, and created the poster and my new title card for me, not to mention the avatar in the title card.

I genuinely couldn't have done this without all your help.
Thank you so much!
Release Information:
Editing Details:
I did all of the editing for this in Wondershare Filmora. Some of the VFX were done using EbSynth, but the majority of the VFX scenes were done by animating masks and JPGs.
Cuts and Additions:
-New title and text crawl
-Removed Poe joking around after the massacre
-Removed a shot of Rey eating
-Removed Rey's argument with BB-8
-Shortened Finn's "I need a pilot" gag
-Removed some of Finn heartlessly killing his friends
-Combined two Kylo/Hux scenes into one
-Shortened Finn wandering in the desert
-Removed a lot of Finn's clowning around while escaping Jakku
-Made the Melenium Falcon's reveal less nostalgia bait-y
-Made the Falcon dogfight shorter and more believable
-Shortened Kylo's temper tantrum
-Removed Rey treating Finn like a child that she hates
-Removed Rey's confusion over what Han Solo is famous for
-Mad Han more dismissive of Rey when they first meet
-Made the Rathtar sequence scarier and more serious
-Removed Finn flailing like an idiot after being rescued
-Removed Han pausing for a joke after shooting Chewie's crossbow
-Removed Rey bypaasing the compressah
-Removed early reveal of Kylo's parentage
-Removed Holo-chess
-Removed any reference to Luke Skywalker being a myth
-Removed Han being self-conscious about offering Rey a spot on the Falcon
-Removed line about Chewie being Orange Yoda's "boyfriend"
-Shortened Kylo's speech to Vader
-Removed some more clowning from Finn
-Put the shots of Rey watching Finn leave in the correct order
-Made Rey's lightsaber force vision make more sense
-Removed some lines from Orange Yoda consoling Rey
-Made some changes to the function of Starkiller Base
-Made Rey useless with a blaster
-Cleaned up a sloppy cut from the original
-Removed Poe from the canteena planet fight
-Shortened the scene of Kylo capturing Rey
-Removed Finn screaming like a moron while chasing Kylo
-Removed C3P0 introduction and Han commenting on Leia's hairstyle
-Removed Rey Uno reversing Kylo's force powers
-Removed Rey's Jedi mind trick
-Shortened Kylo's other temper tantrum
-Removed another early reveal of Kylo's parentage
-Removed Han treating Finn like an idiot
-Gave the Finale slightly different stakes
-Removed Chewie telling Rey that rescuing her was Finn's idea
-Cut some shots of Kylo walking around
-Removed reaction shots from Han's confrontation with Kylo
-Shortened Han's death
-Added some extra shots from Day After Tomorrow to match new context
-Made Kylo surprise attack Rey
-Made Finn cut Kylo's face
-Removed Rey and Kylo fight
-Removed Rey's departure to Not-Degobah

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(Updated: September 23, 2023)
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Great edit! Overall pacing is improved, comedy is reduced (but not removed entirely) and characters actually stay in character.

It's an improvement and the new Starkiller Base alone is what should have been done from the very beginning!

I only have a few small problems with it to keep it from perfection:

Imo the temper tantrum should have been unaltered. Nothing wrong with a temper tantrum. I'd either cut the entire force choking section and keep all of it calm or keep it as the original.

Video quality is nice for the filesize, but I'd prefer a bigger, higher quality file.

Pacing is good, and most cuts are invisible apart from the part where Han Solo first meets the duo. I'd cut Rey's comment entirely and cut from 36:35 to 36:38 and work on the audio on Han a bit to be shorter. If he interrupts her anyway you might as well cut it altogether for better visual continuity.

The Rathtar scene cuts were terrific, improved the scene quite a bit.

I hate Snoke and always will think everything about him is stupid even his name, but I won't fault you for it. But I'd just wish he was named differently. Can't he just be cut out altogether? Have Kylo be the leader figure and introduce him later if at all? That way you can keep his tantrums and actually enhance his character.

The Rey vision is fantastic as is, although imo it could use some more tweaks for better visual continuity (as mentioned to you earlier in a PM)

The new function or Starkiller base and the VFX are great! It's definitely an improvement over the original in concept and removes one of the biggest problems with the original! Which is it's lack of originality. 10 for narrative for this reason most of all.

Any Star Wars fan owes it to himself to watch this.

Also, you do realise I now need you to edit part 8 and 9?
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