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(Updated: September 09, 2012)
Review by Ripplin — October 24, 2009 @ 7:59 pm

This is an outstanding edit that I still recommend to people all the time! It unfortunately got pushed to the back burner a bit once Adywan’s edit came out, but hey, this is the one that inspired Adywan so much! I’m sorry to bring him into this review, but hey, at this point, it’s hard not to. I find that if I could somehow combine some of the ideas from this edit (especially some of the audio) and some from Adywan’s, it would be pretty much the perfect movie for me.

I’ll give this one 9/10. It really is excellent and deserves to be spoken of more. Fortunately, it is being talked about ore, as DE has returned to and is talking about a version 4.0 of this edit. Don’t forget to stop by and check out his new ideas. :)
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