Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (by catferoze)

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Brief Synopsis:
Added several deleted scenes, removed some droid slapstick and Vader's "Noooo!".
I wanted an edit closer to the original than most fanedits with additional deleted scenes and finally felt my editing skills were up to the task.
Other Sources:
DarthPyro's Revenge of the Sith deleted scenes upscale
Revenge of the Sith Original Soundtrack
Audio from The Clone Wars episode "Voices"
Release Information:
Editing Details:
I took an Extended Cut approach by adding as many deleted scenes with completed special effects as I could, but I also wanted to dial down some of the slapstick humor (mainly involving droids). Also, I've always felt the birth of Vader scene should end on the closeup of his newly masked face.
Cuts and Additions:
-droids on elevator
-mute droids "those are jedi fighters"
-elevator stuck & R2 v droids (Obi:"did you press stop"...R2 lighting droids on fire)
-“my powers have doubled...twice the fall”
-droid:"don't move" and kicking R2
-droid:"excuse me","you're welcome"
-alien and jar jar "watch it","scuse me"
-Add deleted scene "plot to destroy the jedi" after Obi:"making me uneasy"
-add two lines and use Ani mouth from extended "adjustments to constitution" scene
-Add deleted scene in Bail Organa's apartment after Ani appointed to council
-mute droid "charge"
-wookie tarzan yell
-Add deleted scene in Padme's apartment after Wookiee v droids
-Add deleted scene in palp's office after Ani/Padme nightmare convo
-mute droid "uh oh"
-remove second half of war room scene to better avoid redundant dialogue
-add Qui-gonn voice from Clone Wars: Voices over Yoda meditating "come to Dagobah..."
-vader/palp dialogue after his operation (Palpy:"Lord Vader, can you hear"... Vader:"noooooo!")
-Add deleted scene Yoda on Dagobah after Tantive IV(III?)

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