Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (by catferoze)

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Brief Synopsis:
Added several deleted scenes (upscaled thanks to Hal9000), removed some R2 slapstick and the Vader "Noooo!" scene.
I wanted an edit closer to the original than most fanedits with additional deleted scenes and finally felt my editing skills were up to the task.
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Revenge of the Sith soundtrack
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Cuts and Additions:
-mute droid dialogue on elevator
-mute droids "those are jedi fighters"
-elevator stuck & R2 v droids (Obi:"did you press stop"...R2 lighting droids on fire)
-“my powers have doubled...twice the fall”
-droid:"don't move" and kicking R2
-droid:"excuse me","you're welcome"
-alien and jar jar "watch it","scuse me"
-Add deleted scene "plot to destroy the jedi" after Obi to Ani:"making me uneasy"*
-Add deleted scene in Bail Organa's apartment after Ani appointed to council/not master*
-mute droid "charge"
-wookie tarzan yell
-Add deleted scene in Padme's apartment after Wookiee v droids*
-Add deleted scene in palp's office after Ani/Padme nightmare convo*
-mute droid "uh oh"
-redundant war room dialogue (Mace:"plot to destroy jedi...surround chancellor", Yoda:"to a dark...we must take")
-vader/palp dialogue after his operation (Palpy:"Lord Vader, can you hear"... Vader:"noooooo!")
-Add deleted scene Yoda on Dagobah after death star scene*
*deleted scene upscales c/o Hal9000

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