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(Updated: April 21, 2019)
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All right. This is very different from Hal's TPM and AotC edits, because instead of just trimming the fat, he also changes the plot quite heavily. And that's why I'm not much of a fan of this one.

The fundamental change to the plot is that in Hal's version, Anakin's main motivation to turn to the dark side is political, while love for his wife is secondary. If you think this would improve the movie, then you'll love this version, as V5 is an impressive technical accomplishment in fanediting. If you're like me, however, and think that this fundamental change weakens the plot, then this is probably not the version you're looking for.

Interesting to notice that the way this edit's structured is how Lucas first structured the movie, but feedback from people he previewed the picture to made him change his mind and make Anakin's love for Padmé the primary thing to turn him to the dark side.

Regarding the new ending: it fixes a gigantic plot hole - that Leia remembers her mother - by having Padmé survive! Technically seamless, it strengthens the six movie saga, but weakens the prequel trilogy as a trilogy in a way: it takes away the tragic irony of Vader doing everything he can to save his wife only for him to be the one to kill her, in the awesomely edited ending of the original film.

Besides the fundamental creative difference I have with the editor in regards to the plot, this is another very good edit by Hal taking away most of the stupidity and cheesiness and crafting a much more enjoyable experience in that regard from the original film. Palpatine's incredibly cheesy moments during his fight with Windu/when Anakin turns are highlights. Still, I think he takes away a tad too much from this one.

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Owner's reply April 25, 2019

Thank you for this review and the other two for my SW prequel edits. I’m pleased you enjoyed 1 and 2, and that you enjoyed the ‘craft’ of this one, if not necessarily the resultant film itself.
Your review encapsulates my advice to people seeking edits of this film: if you want Padmé to live, hopefully my version executes that idea well. But that doesn’t mean this film in and of itself is made stronger or better for it.
If you have, now or in the future, a fan edit of Episode III which you enjoy alongside my I and II, I invite you to recommend it here in your review.

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