Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (by catferoze)

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Main changes include the addition of several deleted scenes to expand Padme's presence, the silly antics of R2 & 3PO are removed from the factory and arena battle, and a few of Ani's whiniest/creepiest moments are removed (but I kept in all the cringe romance).
As my appreciation of the prequels has grown, along with my editing skills, I decided it was time to edit them.
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Upscaled Attack of the Clones deleted scenes c/o Hal9000
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones Soundtrack
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Cuts and Additions:
-Captain Typho before ship explodes "we made it","guess i was wrong..after all"
-Add Padme addresses the Senate deleted scene*
-Trim Obi and Ani arguing ("we will not go through this...our mandate","you will learn your place")
-creepy Ani:"I've thought about her...parted", "I don't think she liked me watching her")
-muffled the lines "what is she thinking? an intruder" and placed over shot of sleeping padme
-Aliens yell at Obi "Jedi poodoo"
-Flying through power couplings (cut from just before fire plumes to bounty hunter entering tunnel)
-Obi "This weapon is your life."
-Ani whining to Padme (moved "I'm ready for the trials" to after "but he feels i'm too...move on",cut "That must be frustrating...not fair!")
-Ani being creepy again ("Anakin, don't try to grow up...Sorry M'lady.")
-Trim beginning of Dex’s Diner scene (cut from exterior shot to sitting down at booth)
-Use extended arrival on Naboo*
-Add deleted Obi/Mace hangar scene after Ani:"i'm glad you chose to serve"*
-Add first deleted scene of Padme with her family after palace meeting*
-techno union and banking clan aliens at Dooku meeting
-trim psycho killer Ani:"and not just the men...children too"
-3PO and R2 leaving ship ("for a mechanic...know where you're going", appearance in hallway bug attack)
-Trim factory level (all R2/3PO shots, Ani fighting mechanical arms, insert Padme bowl falling after Ani force push shot, join first Ani arm trapped segment with last cutting everything in between)
-Add Padme/Dooku deleted scene after factory capture/establishing shot transition*
-trim battle to remove R2/3PO ("my legs aren't...maintenance","what's all this...destruction",battle droid head shot off 3PO body,"die jedi...i say?","oh dear...can't get up","R2 what are...drag","quite beside myself","R2 please...head on straight","i've had...dream")
-yoda rescue line ("around the survivors...create")
*deleted scene upscales c/o Hal9000

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