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The edit redefines classic characters
Little Anakin is now mentally challenged. Jar Jar is struggles to suppress the voices in his head. Obi-Wan’s spirit has become disconnected from his body and refers to itself in the third person and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

How Frink has retained any narrative sense in this edit while tampering so heavily with the plot I will never know. Entire sequences are altered and rearranged yet I never felt lost. Running jokes constantly appear but never once did they overstay their welcome. Some attempts didn’t always land (generally due to not having any prior knowledge of the inserted material), however they didn’t come off as try-hard or cringe worthy. Once the credits rolled I realised my face was aching, there was hardly a moment I grinning in delight as I was bombarded with an absurd array of gags and jokes. The musical sequences in particular were hilarious.

Only a couple instances did the dialog chopping/editing become messy, the the ‘ipod’ sequence stands out, but for the most part the background noise/effects accompanying the dialog wasn’t troubling. Again, only once or twice did the tone of dialog placed upon characters feel out of place. Thinking of this edit as a foreign language dub allows you overlook mouths not matching the dialog.

This edit was fantastically funny throughout - my congratulations Frink, you created something special.

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