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(Updated: September 10, 2012)
Review by Sunarep — May 19, 2012 @ 2:00 pm

What a beast! This is probably the fanedit with the most cuts and tweaks probably trumping War of the Stars Part II – so a fair share of work has been put into this edit.

Unfortunately it didn’t really click with me. The central gag is pretty much characters saying lines that they don’t say during that time of the movie, with looped looks implying awkwardness – same lines are repeated over again and there is only so much “now there are two of them” that i can take. While the line itself is pretty dumb the entertainment comes from the fact that dialog like this was written for a Star Wars movie. It kinda grieves you knowing that those things have been put into something you liked. And those bad lines have become a running gag amongst Star Wars fans, leaving us wondering what the hell Lucas was smoking when he came up with the script.
But repeating the same line over and over again didn’t really add to my amusement.

There are some funny bits like the nintendo fight between darth maul and Obi Wan but for me there were too little gems like this. The rest was mostly a compilation of youtube videos interrupted by “what” “now there are two of them” and any line by Ric Olie.

I think this edit might have been better as a sort of compilation with only the best bits and pieces, to sort out the scenes that work and those where there is just silence “what” and “angel”
People have already referenced “Darth Vader being a jerk” and said Nintendo battle is pretty much like this, a fun short clip where something in star wars is not happening like it should. Still stretching those gags over two hours is just too long IMO.

I hate to sound so negative – especially knowing how much work has been put into this and how many people have collaborated for this idea – but at the end of the day I can only talk about my enjoyment and not how much others liked it.

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