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This is my favourite version of The Phantom Menace. I've generally found that conservative fanedits require me to take much fewer narrative leaps and the less work I have to do to enjoy a movie the better it is for me. There are still problems with The Gungan City and the planet core, but I feel like they're essential to introduce the Gungans before they join forces with the rest of Naboo later.

90% of Lucas' original intent is still here, with just simple trims to some of Jar Jar and Anakin, making them more tolerable (I should say I never really had a huge issue with Anakin's portrayal in this film - particularly compared to the other two prequels). Jar Jar (and the other Gungans) still have issues, but without making him an almost mute character who has no reason to be there - or replacing all of his dialogue - there's not much more a faneditor can do. It's quite similar to Octoroxx's edit, but with a few additional cuts to reduce silliness further.

I've always thought The Phantom Menace's use of more practical locations made it the best looking of the prequels, and the 35mm version of this is a lovely way to watch the film. It's a less contrasty look that includes scratches and grain - it doesn't look perfect, but it feels so authentic. Definitely my preferred version, but for those who prefer a crisp picture with deep blacks and no scratches, V1 of this cut uses the blu-ray source and looks great too.

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