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The Short Answer:
A fantastic alternate take on the sequel trilogy that explores a very different idea on how the trilogy could have played out. 100% worth the watch for anyone looking for something new.

The Long Answer:
This movie takes place in an alternate timeline where Rey and Ben were students together at the Skywalker academy. This new dynamic really creates fantastic tension between the two characters, and allows for some very different storytelling. Rey having known Kylo for years makes her argument that "There's still good in him" have a lot more believability and emotional weight. Also, I absolutely love how Han Solo was handled! And a few simple dialogue tweaks helped turn Snoke from a sneering cartoon into a villain with a bit of depth. A number of times I was blown away by the small changes that really added new depth to the story.

This edit also does a much better job of introducing the Emperor returning storyline, though unfortunately this is where the source material becomes and issue. While I'd say the edit is a perfect 10/10 before Exogol, there is only so much writing you can do to fix just how ridiculous the Emperor's return feels. That said, there is an actual attempt to explain the Emperor that was honestly very satisfying. I think in this instance the Japanese dub really helped with the atmosphere. I'm very used to watching anime where villains become insanely powerful and over the top, so I found the Japanese voices made it easier to accept the insanity.

There were a couple of awkward audio cuts, and Starkiller imploding at the beginning could have used some VFX or some extra text to tie the shots together. I would have considered going "text -> footage -> text -> footage" to tell the prologue a little more clearly. Or even just a second block of text afterwards explaining the repercussions of what we just saw. But all in all these are very infrequent and minor issues that did not detract from my enjoyment.

This edit would be hard to follow in some places if you weren't familiar with the original movies, but I don't really think that's the point of the edit, so this is a very minor complaint.

I think this concept could have been pushed further in a few places. My imagination is running full tilt now at the possibilities.

I really enjoyed this. To have a completely new story rewritten into an enjoyable 2 hours is something every fanedit fan needs to see. This is something truly unique and exciting.

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