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The pitch: "Imagine if Disney had made a Star Wars movie in which Rey and Kylo had been childhood friends and classmates at the Skywalker Jedi Academy, but now find themselves on opposite sides of the war." I can't recommend this edit enough. I wish I could give this edit an 11 for Narrative! I'm a TV/screenwriter and the storytelling acrobatics on display here had my jaw on the floor. Working with a similar conceit as The Blackened Mantle, this edit takes the Japanese dub and re-writes the subtitles to tell a totally new--and maybe I would say BETTER--story. The emotional stakes between Rey and Kylo are so much higher than in the actual Sequel Trilogy, and by re-ordering scenes and trimming out the tangents, their character arcs are crystal clear. There's a strong feeling of DRAMATIC CLARITY throughout this edit, with so many great decisions here that I found myself shouting "HOW DID THE ORIGINAL MISS THIS!" Just to name one example, moving Rey's confrontation with Snoke AFTER the escape from Crait creates a perfect escalation of drama (and feels like Empire Strikes Back in a GOOD WAY!).

My only knock against it after seeing Hal9000's edits is that I wish the opening title cards had been an opening crawl (and I think you could move or lose the star killer base prologue (which reads a little unclear-- only later did I put together than their super weapon blew itself up... which I don't know that you need to see and could go in the title crawl). But giving notes at this micro-level only goes to show how solid the edit is overall, and the spirit in which I give this feedback is one of excitement and shared creativity. Your new story has ignited my imagination and I want to see what else is possible. SERIOUSLY AMAZING WORK! RUN, DON'T WALK TO SEE THIS AS SOON AS YOU CAN!

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Owner's reply March 26, 2023

Wow, you are too kind! Thanks so much for your great review!! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the story I came up with! Though, as you mention, it felt like a lot of my narrative choices were the most obvious ones and, at times, it almost felt like this fanedit made itself. ;) Ultimately, I really tried to construct something that captured the drama and tension between Rey and Kylo.

As for the opening crawl, I was thinking more Blade Runner than Star Wars with the opening text and just wanted to deliver, as quickly as possible, the setup for this fanedit. And the theme music that goes with the opening crawl in other Star Wars movies is far more uplifting than the tragic, doomsday tone in the opening of EoS. So I just decided to do something simpler, but can understand why this omission may seem strange.

Without any dialogue explaining the opening, I can see how Starkiller Base exploding could be confusing at first; I tried to provide a bit of a setup for the reason why in the opening text that describes the super weapon as 'unstable.'

Thanks again for taking the time to watch and give your review!

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