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As you can see from other reviews, as well as discussions at the forum, opinions about certain elements of this edit vary. As the one who approved this edit, I figure I would take a minute to mention a few specifics and why certain things didn't hold me back from passing it.

- Complete removal of Anakin from TPM was brilliant. Of course, it wouldn't have worked if it was an edit of just TPM, but in this case, no problem. When AOTC starts, we just figure 'oh, Obi-Wan took an apprentice. Padme knew him for years and hadn't seen him in a while.' I think the early scenes in the elevator and meeting with Padme, because it provides a quick way to establish their potential 'wink wink, nudge nudge' relationship without the horrible sap of the butt monster picnic, and not so little info that you'd think 'where did this come from?' later on.
- The whole Senator/Queen thing is just another part of the whole political mess of the movies and I don't see how anyone would care what position she had. She's a V.I.P. 'nuff said.
- There could've been a '10 years later' or whatever title card added between movies, but that has been done before and I didn't think it was necessary. Most people who would watch this have seen the movies multiple times already and don't need their hands held. (but don't try telling George that!)
- I will agree that to a certain extent, Qui-Gonn is underdeveloped and his death doesn't mean as much. But then, I think about what has been excised and...there just isn't a ton of development anyway! I would like to see Qui-Gonn more, as Neeson was one of the good things about TPM, but I don't know how much could be put back in that wouldn't involve scenes that are rightfully cut. Therefore, his amount of screen time is pretty decent. *shrug*
- No Kamino! How 'bout that?
- The way the Obi-Wan/Vader fight ended was so cool! It shortened it in a brilliant manner. I hope other editors borrow this idea. ;)
- The ending has no "noooooooooooo!"? Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! (pronounced 'yeez')

At the end of the day, is this a perfect edit? No, but there is plenty to enjoy, with some brilliant editing choices, as mentioned. (I'm ahppy with this one, but if H.S.F. wants to implement some of the suggestions others have made for a possible future version, I would look forward to that one too.) With the absolute plethora of PT edits out there, it's nice to see another one with some genuinely fresh ideas, not just another 'no Jar Jar' one. I didn't have problems with continuity, partially because I knew the stories and filled in any gaps, partially because I hate politics, and partly because...well, let's be honest, they're just not the most interesting characters, especially Padme. (maybe that's just me) Overall, little hiccups are bound to happen when you make a mega-edit, but there's nothing that really bothered me.

Recommended, especially to those who know the stories already.

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