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(Updated: January 07, 2023)
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Oh my goody goody gumdrops of goodness. Seven of Nine is where we get lucky.

Not only do we have the salvation of the sequels wrapped into a watchable 4 hours (if watching the anti-TLJ cut). But this fan-edit does it with splendidly well aimed (and much needed) shots at those misconstruancers who shall not be named. Mainly being the straightening up of the main characters along an agreeable plotline (jabs to the face), and straight up extrication of certain woeful miscalculations (upper cut to the gut). Punches have been thrown. I did love the way the silver stormtrooper was dealt with in particular (it was a knockout). And placement of deaths and disasters felt like well payed off sacrifices - worthy ends. The shortening of the sequel trilogy into a single finale - shorter - works this wonder - largely. Condensed, everything winds-up beautifully to the epic finish.

Rey Nobody is the way to go. It works well up until the meeting with the Emperor, but then we simply exchange one weirdness for another and its a no win really. Lets just agree Palpatine be crazy.

Putting this down a couple of stars on the visual as I do think it needs some fuzzy filter application. One on the audio for the sake of something I'm sure was amiss somewhere I just cant remember now.

Congratulations to Wakeupkeo for coining 'An Old Fear'!!

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