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(Updated: August 04, 2021)
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This review is for version 3.04 HQ of the 4.5+ hr cut.

For me, Wakeupkeo did a great job with Episodes VI and VII.

Episode VI's resequencing tightened up the movie and made it more enjoyable. I think there is an opportunity to make the treat to the Republic Capitol clearer - earlier and tenser. Also, one character appears at the Republic Capitol while earlier appears with Lea at the Resistance base, which adds some confusion.

Episode VII is still my favorite of this trilogy and section of the edit.

Episode VIII is easily the weakest of the trilogy and section of this edit. I appreciate that the editor tried to tighten up this bloated movie and wrap it up strong. Most of the content excised I don't ever need to watch again, but I think some needs to be added back for context, character, and narrative. Examples:
Kylo pops up to battle Rey out of nowhere. Lando emerges from the shadows on the Resistance base like he's been there the whole time, just waiting to drop some knowledge on Poe. Kylo heals Rey in the middle of the battle with Palpatine - while I like this idea, I didn't buy Palpatine chilling off-screen for such an extended period.
Additionally, it would make the story more cohesive to connect Rey and Kylo at least once more in this section of the edit. There are other issues here, but those are the ones that I remember.

I was going to suggest adding Chapter Titles or something to indicate/ease the transition between sections and because I don't think it works to call this Episode VI overall. Now that I'm writing this, I'm not sure that's the right solution. I did enjoy experiencing all three of the movies flowing into each other. Another solution might be to allow the space travel for Ray and Chewie from the Resistance base to Luke and Kylo's journey to Palpatine more time on-screen.

Regardless this is the best version of these three movies I've watched, and I enjoyed the first 3.75 hrs or so! Wakeupkeo certainly made a bad trilogy less bad! I'll need to watch the Anti-TLJ Cut at some point as well. Thanks for your efforts!

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Owner's reply August 07, 2021

This is GREAT feedback, thank you!! You bring up some SOLID points that I will consider if I revisit this edit! I appreciate the compliments, and mostly the honest constructive criticism!

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