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(Updated: March 20, 2022)
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Finally got to watch this and had a great time with it.

It checks most boxes towards an ideal ANH fanedit for me.
Like many, I've always liked the discreet SE additions such as Obi's new hut, the Mos Eisley dock departure or the ROTJ hangar - but been annoyed as well by CGi womprats and dewbacks (and equally surprised as to how many popular faneditors choose to keep them). Possessed manages to achieve this delicate balance into his edit like no one else. There's also some inventive quick trims, used inconspicuously to omit some clunkiness in the original, as is the case with Luke's training and the Death Star duel. Personally I still don't care for Biggs, but him having his own scene doesn't offend like Jabba (who does not, to be clear). So in light of those elements (and an impeccable Battle of Yavin), ANH by Possessed takes a spot in my selection I've been long looking to fulfill.

As others have said, audio is crisp and clear, even to an untrained ear like mine, although I'm pretty sure it gets slightly delayed around the 1h8min mark and it stays that way for about fifteen minutes until it normalizes (actually there's a minor video glitch exactly at 01:07:52.691 that might be related to that) [EDIT: audio issue could not be reproduced by the editor, video glitch confirmed].

Video looks good for the most part, but it gets occasionally fuzzy - naturally reflecting the sources used and the transitions between them. This was more distracting while watching on a smaller screen, though, and it wasn't much of an issue when playing on a TV. The color grade is a solid improvement, although I could still see some reminiscent of the magenta push that plagues the BD. The reworked lasers go a long way to freshen up the experience and certainly elevate the edit, but there are noticeable seams - particularly when Luke is handling the lightsaber.

Essential bonus features bundled with the BluRay ISO, props for that.

I enjoyed this very much and recommend it. Would love to see this *revisited* in the future using improved sources like the forthcoming DeEd 3.0.

Thank you!

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(Updated: March 17, 2022) March 17, 2022
Thank you for thy kind words. However I just checked on my physical disc which is same that was released, the 720p version, and I checked the file on my computer and no such visual glitch is present on my end, neither does the audio go out of sync. Could your download maybe have had an error somehow? Has this issue happened to anybody else that happens to be reading this? I haven't received any reports of a glitch at that time frame or the audio going out of sync and when I checked mine I didn't see anything either.
1 results - showing 1 - 1