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Tens across the board. This is very nicely presented.

Objectively, I have no real complaints. Possessed has done a great job of merging different visual and audio elements from different cuts in order to create a balanced hybrid between the theatrical and the special editions, as well as additional tweaks to FX, regrading etc.

On a subjective level, there are some things I'd rather were kept (eg. the stormtrooper head bump) or left out (Yavin SE shots), but practically everyone who isn't a total purist has their own variations on what their ideal combo would be, and you can't please everyone. (I also like having the option of a proper 5.1 track, rather than a stereo track that can be up-mixed; but this too is personal preference, and what's there still sounds great.)

Adywan's ANH Revisited is obviously excellent, but with the HD version still pending, this sits alongside that as a great option; and even with the eventual release of the final version of that in HD, Possessed's cut may still be preferable to some that feel some of the former's changes go a bit too far.

While this didn't 100% meet all my preferences, enjoyment still gets a 10 because it was a joy to watch. I often hold ESB very high up, with ROTJ being the flawed, "fun" one and ANH being the one I appreciate more than I enjoy; but I really dug it this time around. I'd forgotten just how much is crammed into the runtime and how well it's put together. I was also struck by the grading right off the bat - amazing how much of a difference that makes to the experience.

Thanks for your hard work, Possessed. I look forward to checking out your version of ROTJ sometime soon.

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