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(Updated: September 09, 2012)
Review by cutnshut — March 5, 2011 @ 12:45 am

I'm not a big fan of the prequel movies mainly because of the use of dialogue in them – it just doesnt seem to flow in a comfortable way.

Maybe there is a reason for this but I've never heard Lucas say exactly why…or read about it, I understand he was trying to emulate the old serial adventures – but do they all have such poor dialogue?

Anyway…That aside, I really like this version of the movies, I even showed them to my dad who’s not a big fan of Star Wars but even he said the story makes more sense this way!

I also like the artistic style, I have watched both the dusty fullscreen version and the black & white widescreen.

I prefer the dusty fullscreen version – the other version seems a bit bland – in the dusty version the grainyness and effects used also seem to make the CGI appear more realistic as everything isn’t so polished looking.

After watching other movies done like this I think retro’ising the look of the film stock helps to blend in the CGI effects better, just something I’ve noticed. As real movies done in the 30′s or 50′s were so limited in the type of effects they could achieve, seeing something that looks pretty much real but on old style film makes it seem more surreal.

The music choices are good, im not so familiar with the music for the new films but what appears here is deffinately worth hearing isolated from the voices and effects. Its also nice to hear familiar tunes from the original trilogy blended in, which are generally used in situations similar to the way they were used originally – which is also a nice take on the “mirroring” motif that George Lucas mentions so much in documentaries for the new movies.

overall 10/10
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