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When it comes to Trek edits, BionicBob has always been your go-to faneditor and his take on the last Trek series, Enterprise, is no exception.

I actually remember watching Enterprise through all of its' somewhat inconsistent 4 seasons. On the whole I enjoyed what I say, even if it's arguably the weakest Trek series along with Deep Space Nine (IMHO) and certainly has the worst theme tune of any sci-fi series I can think of. However, it also has the distinction of boasting one of the worst series finale's ever, which came across more as a Next Gen episode guest starring members of the Enterprise series. It was a like a real smack in the face to the people who stuck with the show through thick and thin.

However, despite this, there were some great moments in Enterprise. One of these was undoubtedly the 3 episodes from the entertaining final season, which covered Dr. Arik Soong and his genetically engineered race of super-beings, The Augments. I remember this story being exciting and gripping in its original form, so I was greatly intrigued to see how much fat Bob would be able to trim from an already top-notch piece of space adventure.

The fact that 40 mins is cut, well you just don't notice it at all. The story still binds together nicely, and what's more, is even more entertaining as one feature length film. It reminds me of similar work carried out on some of the official Doctor Who releases from the classic series, whereby they condense 4 episodes into one feature length film version. If anything Bob takes this to another level here. Needless subplots are cast aside, the story feels more focused on Dr Soong and the augments, and best of all Enterprise finally has an opening credits sequence with an excellent theme tune. Can I ask that you now go through each episode and add your opening credits please Bob? Thanks. ;)

The use of TOS footage from Space Seed also works very effectively, particularly as the Augments make reference to the great Khan. A nice, fitting touch.

All in all brilliant work. Just one note - the volume for the new theme tune during the opening credits is noticeably quieter than the rest of the edit. Shame, as unless you turn it up, it does lessen its' undeniable impact somewhat.

Also, big kudos for going to the trouble of creating the alternate history timeline in "The Eugenics Wars". I sat there watching it, convinced it was true.

Thanks for a fun ride as always Bob.

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