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Great job Bob...

Like most, I didn't truly like the Enterprise Series, but I did watch all of it.. There was no other Star Trek to watch at the time sooo, maybe I was just tuning it saying to myself "here's hoping it gets better".. lol..
One thing Bob did do better than the series ever did was the opening Credits..
They where awesome. Finally felt like the opening the show always deserved.. I finally felt like I was sitting down to watch Star Trek again.

I remember these episodes when they aired, and I have to admit I thought Bob did a great job putting them together..
There's a few edit flaws in it, with transitions, which didn't bother me to much, and I can over look them.. and there's a few story flaws where the crew gets captured but you don't see it happen.. etc etc... but for the most part this is a fun edit to just sit and watch, and well put together.

I really enjoyed it, and if your a fan of Star Trek, I recommend sitting down and just watching this for what it is... Entertaining...

Thx Bob.. Appreciate the work and the entertainment..

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