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Review by DriggyDriggs — April 9, 2012 @ 3:17 am

Just watched this last night. Nemesis was also a disappointment to me in theaters. I was hoping for a special edition dvd, but instead what we got was the same theatrical version with poor quality deleted scenes in the special features. There was a time when I attempted a workprint of Nemesis myself, but I abandoned the project when I realized the deleted scenes were in such bad shape it would never be put up on the website. When I saw that BionicBob was attempting a version with B-4 completely gone, I was wondering how he would pull it off. On to the edit:

The good stuff:

- The wedding scene is trimmed. Thank God. Everything after Picard’s speech was dreadful. I’m glad it was all gone.
- The young bald Picard photo is not shown.
- No mind rape. It was done better in the TNG episode “Violations.” They basically ripped it off here and did it worse with a character that had no motivation to do it anyway. Glad it’s gone here.
- No B-4. B-4′s antics are just annoying. I’m glad he’s gone. Although I wish they had found a way to bring Lore back for this story so there was an actual parallel between Data and Picard. That would have required the director to actually be familiar with Star Trek, though. B-4 being gone makes the film much tighter, and actually gets rid of some other annoying things, like the federation “dune buggy.” However, removing B-4 does leave one serious narrative issue, which I’ll get into later.

The Not So Good Stuff:

-Some of the musical cues didn’t really mesh well due to scene deletions in the first 30 minutes.
-A minor plot hole was created because of a scene bring deleted. It is established at the wedding reception that Riker is leaving for his own command, but then he goes on a mission on the Enterprise right after his wedding. Why is he there? In the original film, they are giving him a ride, but they get diverted to Romulus. Maybe reinsert the scene where Picard tells him “the Opal Sea will have to wait” right after they are diverted to Romulus?
-Couple of continuity errors: Enterprise shown at warp a couple of times (one time out the window during the briefing scene) and then shown going to warp right after.
-The Viceroy is never established as having telepathic abilities in this edit, so Troi finding the ship through him and him feeling her presence seemed a bit contrived.
-Without the transport device having been introduced earlier during Picard’s capture, it’s appearance and explanation via flashback also seemed contrived. Unfortunately, without B-4, it would be hard to do Picard’s rescue from the Scimitar.

The faster pace gives this edit a lot of action, and I actually enjoyed quite a few of the edits. However, because of the narrative issues that I mentioned, my rating was lowered a bit.

Final Score: 7 out of 10
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