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Review by Sunarep — October 9, 2010 @ 2:26 PM

I watched Perdition’s Flames before this edit so instead of watching how Bionicbob sharpened his fanedit skills it felt like a step back since Perdition’s Flames is the better of the two edits to me.
I have only watched Star Trek TMP once, so I cannot appreciate all the little changes Bionicbob has done as much as other Trek Fans here. TMP was never a good movie to me. It had one of the most interesting concepts in sci-fi movie history but the execution buried all the great intention and ideas. The movie is simply not engaging. Cutting an hour from this mvoie still makes it feel too stretched out, maybe it’s possible to cut it down to 50 minutes like a star trek episode.
However the material cut helped progress this movie a little better than in the original and it was more enjoyable (meaning the ideas behind v’ger don’t take so damn long) there is still the bad acting/standing around and staring at stuff/acting like people are fighting that a fanedit can’t fix

Also Perdition’s Flames felt more like a TV-Episode and handled the commercial fade-outs so very well, i was missing this from this edit.

I won’t spoil the end, but I think it’s really cool (even though i was suspecting it since I knew the fantheories, but it’s still very cool)
and I hope Bionicbob revisits this edit some day

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