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(Updated: October 01, 2023)
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This is the most professional fan edit I have ever seen. I don't know TM2YC personally, but I would not be surprised to learn that TM2YC's a professional film editor.

The movie is beautiful. The color pops and the effects are outstanding. Combined with the Goldsmith score and the high concept but sparse sci-fi plot, this feels like what a Star Trek art film would look like - less of a story and more of an experience. The narrative that is there has been deftly edited by TM2YC, who makes it as exciting as possible given the original material. And the opening credits are great. I guess I could have done more with a bit more character conflict between Decker and Kirk, but that's a minor quibble and is more a matter of personal taste.

As other reviewers have pointed out, opening the film on Vulcan was a brilliant move. This is Spock's journey and we see that so much more clearly now. Also, thanks for removing those awkward bits about Ilia swearing an oath of celibacy (wtf Gene...).

This film provides a nice bridge between All Our Yesterdays (my preferring stopping point for TOS) and The Wrath of Khan, as we see Kirk and Spock in transitory stages of their lives, with Spock finally gaining inner peace and Kirk beginning his midlife crisis.

It's no Wrath of Khan or Voyage Home, but this is the best this film will ever be.

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