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TM2YC shared preview clips of this edit as he overhauled The Motion Picture from stem to stern. It was fun seeing how each scene got many patches, color grading and new FX added. How would they all play when the finished version assembled them all together?

Pretty great it turns out. The biggest changes are in the first two thirds of the movie where unneeded scenes are cut and others reshuffled to fix continuity. The narrative skips along smartly (& bet you never thought "skips along smartly" when you thought of The Motion Picture before). It's a real pleasure to see the colors looking so vibrant and natural. All the new button sounds are a gas, a lot of fun, and add to the story which, let's face it, is mostly on the bridge.

Star Trek Reunion has many tiny changes that you'd hardly notice on a casual viewing but they add up, like an Adywan edit, on a subconscious level. The movie has never looked better and the narrative is less like a vapid "serious" drama and more like a Trek episode.

There's not much to criticize. Personally I would like to see even more trims to the last third of the movie, which is still a little slow, talky and corny. Some of the added FX are more successful than others but they're all up to 1970s level of quality. Mostly the video and audio edits are spotless and flow without effort.

My top rating for audio/visual quality is about improvement to original footage even though some shots are unavoidably in lower resolution. I'd give the original movie a 5 or 6 for enjoyment so Star Trek Reunion is a starship sized upgrade in that department.

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