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Review by DwightFry78 — October 27, 2010 @ 6:16 pm

So far this is probably the best of the Bionic Trek series! Both The V’Ger Incident and Perdition’s Flames were good, but I ultimately preferred the originals. However, Star Trek: Resurrection leaves me with no reason to ever watch The Search for Spock again. The original Star Trek III is, for my tastes, the weakest of the movies starring the original cast, and while BionicBob’s version retains some of the problems -namely having the worst acting in the whole saga (except for McCoy, I really like McCoy in this one); Klingons, and also Vulcans, speaking English to each other; a villain that isn’t threatening enough (the part called for a sinister Christopher *Lee* type, not the always likable and therefore wrongly cast Christopher *Lloyd*); and Kirk being so slow as to have to check the video log to find out who’s hosting Spock’s mind AFTER seeing McCoy behaving Spockly- but thanks to this very talented faneditor I no longer get the feeling that virtually nothing happens in the whole movie, and the pacing improves 500%. It went from quite boring to a lot of fun, I never thought I could enjoy ST III so much! This is the version that’s canon for me from now on.

Unfortunately, as with the rest of the Bionic Trek edits, the video is not anamorphic, and also it turns “combed” (as in interlaced) whenever TOS footage is used. Too bad, these technical flaws prevent me from giving it a higher rating. Video and audio are otherwise very good. On the other hand, I liked the self-destruct sequences comparison in the DVD extras, a nice featurette, and kudos to Nimoy and Harve Bennett for being consistent with TOS.

This is overall a very good fanedit that almost reaches excellency. Make it anamorphic, lose the video log part, and fix the combing, and this would have gotten a 10/10 from me. As it is, it’s an 8/10. I’m eagerly awaiting Full Circle!
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