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I've always kind of liked Generations, despite its flaws. Now most of those flaws have been removed, and the parts that have been rearranged and added have put it over the top for me.

This edit is fantastic. The enhanced visual effects make it feel like a movie rather than a TV episode. The CGI Enterprise shots look amazing and much more cinematic than the shots in the theatrical cut.

Data's more annoying gags have been removed. (I actually would have completely removed the talking tricorder bit, but some of it still remains in the Regenerations cut.)

I really love how the space battle was rearranged. The theatrical cut has the battle running just over two minutes, and it feels kind of pathetic. The Klingons have the upper hand for about a minute, and then the Enterprise obliterates them effortlessly.

In Regenerations, however, the warp core breach, the evacuation of the ship, and Picard's conversation with Soren are intercut with the battle, extending it to closer to five minutes, and making it feel much more climactic.

Finally, the inclusion of Spock visiting Kirk's grave, intercut with Picard's speech about time and mortality, gave me chills and brought me to tears. This is the sendoff that Kirk and the TOS era of Star Trek deserved.

This cut is amazing. Well done!

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