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I am not the biggest fan of Generations. I found it to be a very uneven movie.
The Picard arc is Fantastic. The Data stuff was overplayed. And Kirk? Sigh... Disappointing.
While still a somewhat flawed film, this fan edit is a more satisfying watch than the original.
And this mostly comes down to Tone.
Mighty Attack Tribble has done an admirable job keeping Tone more balanced.
From making Captain Harriman more competent to reigning in Data's over the top moments.
I found it to be a very enjoyable watch despite my personal feeling towards the core story.

There is some clever cut/rearrangement work in this project. If I did not know this movie so well, I would say these changes are seamless. There are some CGI replacement shots in the fan edit. And while they clearly stand out from the Mode FX Work that comprise the majority of the film, they did not detract from the experience. In many cases, they enhanced the moment. The inclusion of Spock in the final moments was particularly satisfying.

The audio work is very good. In most instances I did not realize it was newly added music until I reviewed the Cut List after watching. Though I did think the Klingon fanfare could have been slightly louder and blended in smoother. But that is a very minor quibble.

Overall, excellent work from Mighty Attack Tribble and I am very excited to see what this new editor tackles next!

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