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Review by L8wrtr — May 4, 2010 @ 10:30 pm

Star Trek – Kirkless Generations by CBB

Reviewed by L8wrtr

A fantastic edit from a highly flawed source.

Owning the theatrical version of Generations is more an act of loyalty than any indication of enjoyment, so I had high hopes for this edit. I was not disappoitned.

Video editing
Overall this fan-edit is fairly seemless. There are one or two transitions that felt abrupt, and the slow-motion turn was a bit jarring, but you have to work with what you get in fan-editing so I didn’t have a complaint about this. The narrative that this edit creates is great, particularly when you consider the mess that is the original. The focus on Picard’s struggle is far more believable and his struggle enjoys the proper focus in the film.

My only complaint regarding this edit is the sequence of events once Picard returns to the planet from the Nexus. The original screenplay already suffers from the McFly Time-Travel Blunder, where our hero, able to select any point in time/space chooses to barely give himself enough time. This flaw is exaggerated by this new sequence because Picard chooses to return outside the shield. If not for his serendipitously finding the hole in the shield, Picard would have been unable to stop Soran the second time either.

This sequence would have flowed a lot better (IMO) if Picard’s discussion/attempted persuasion with Soran happened all before the rocket fires, and then when Picard returns from the Nexus, it instantly is right where the action starts on the cat-walk. From that point, the fight sequence is perfect and believable. It is a skillful integration of the original footage into a 2-man fight without Kirk. (Of course, a truly bold solution to the McFly conundrum would be to simply cut out the Nexus all-together, Picard slips into the shield, saves the day, no time travel needed, and the Nexus remains a mystery to us. Unfortunately that would cut out how Picard comes to terms with his grief, which is what makes the scene worth keeping). This however is my only criticism. 9 out of 10

Video Quality
I found no flaws in the video quality, no reason to give it anything other than 10 out of 10

Audio Quality
Overall, quite good, but a few harsh transitions stood out and ruined the seemless flow. I have not watched this movie in years and do not have it memorized, so that I recognized the transitions keeps it from being perfect. 9 out of 10

Overall Entertainment
This edit rescues a very disappointing movie that I watch rarely, and has turned it into a movie that I will actively watch again and will share with friends. 9 out of 10.
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