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(Updated: April 05, 2023)
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As with most films of this era, they often look and film very dated. It's bound to happen given the time it was created, and the idealogies behind the story. Yet the one area that really stands out in the Theatrical and Directors Cut of the Wrath of Khan are the visual effects. It's this area that really hasn't aged well, and if you know anything about the film, you'll know most of the VFX are recycled.

So, having seen this edit on FanEdit, i decided to give this a go and... well, it's frankly amazing! The amount of effort and polish that has gone into not just the new VFX scenes by very talented people, but the editing, pacing, grading and respect for the source material by Wraith.

This edit doesn't re-tell a story with differing outomes, but rather it updates the narrative with deleted scenes, brand new visuals, and a updated score to match. It was my long held opinion that this is the one film in the Star Trek canon that should remain "as is", and after watching this, i'm converted! Thank you to Wraith and and all the talent behind this edit, because in my humble opinion, this deserves to be canon.

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