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(Updated: September 15, 2012)
Review by DwightFry78 — December 23, 2010 @ 12:23 am

A fun edit of a fun movie! The narrative flows great and is much improved by losing most of the cheese factor. I was particularly impressed by the way the Chekhov subplot was handled. The end of that is probably the best use of a TV style fadeout in the Bionic Trek series so far. It spares us a lot of useless filler.

However, there were some audio issues with this one. I found the added music frequently too loud, as to make parts of the dialogue inaudible. This was particularly true of the Huey Lewis song. Also, I’m afraid I did not appreciate the music during Spock’s conversation with his mother. I don’t know if it’s the music itself or the way it’s used, but now the sequence seems out of a bad soap opera and is unintentionally funny.

About the montage, I’m not sure what to think. While it’s very nice to see all those “events to come”, it’s quite odd story-wise that no characters refer to them after that, given the importance of them. Also, it was a bit too detailed, quick flashes would have been enough to identify those moments, and more believable as a time travel side effect.

Unfortunately, the usual video problems of the Bionic series remain. 4:3, interlaced segments, heavy pixellation in reds… It’s too bad, as the edits themselves are too good to be handicapped by technical stuff.

Did I prefer this one to the original? Not sure. There were parts I liked better here, and parts I liked better there. In any case, this is a very enjoyable edit, as usual in the Bionic saga. I only wish the audio levels were fixed…
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