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When I saw the trailer for the 2020 version of THE STAND, I was blown away with the visuals and casting
It was an amazing trailer.

The actual television series? Not so much.

The producers made the absolutely horrible and perplexing choice to tell the story in non-linear format, making it impossible for the viewer to become invested in the plot or characters. It was a train wreck of a show.

But within that wreckage, there was some decent story beats.

And Spence has masterfully reassembled those broken and scattered dramatic moments into a proper, engaging, LINEAR narrative that both my bride and I found to be entertaining.

Is this Fan Edit better than the 2020 television version? YES! Miles and miles better!

Though it is still an uneven affair which in some ways becomes even more noticeable when the story is told in chronological order. But I think Spence has made the best possible version given the limits of what he had to work with. But if I am to be fully honest, I still think the 1994 version, even with all it budget limits and Network restrictions, is a more fun affair. Well, as fun as an apocalypse can be. LOL!

Technically, no issues to report. Spence is a seasoned pro when it comes to audio and video. I watched the smaller video file versions, and the compression was excellent as always.

Narratively, there is a significant Time Jump between Parts One and Two ( this is due to lack of original material), so the first 10 minutes or so, are a bit disorienting as you try to figure out who everyone is and how they got there. But it is mostly explained through character exposition, and you are up to speed by the end of the first 30 minutes. There is also an odd fade to black/commercial break featuring Flagg in Part Three that stood out to me.

Still, a vast improvement over the original.
Spence's The Stand Trilogy, highly recommended! Thumbs way UP!!!
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