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I love Spider-Man: Far From Home, but I'm also open to seeing alternate cuts of even movies I love. This edit is a true sequel to the Homecoming: Responsibility edition edit, for better or worse IMO. There edits I like, don't like, or are indifferent to. I love the Peter and MJ plane scene (I always watch an extended version with this scene). More soft cute PeterMJ content is always a plus. Adding flashbacks to Infinity War was quite effective, it added to Peter's PTSD and personal conflict. Adding "Peter's-To-Do" list was great too. I liked the Iron Man 3 motif with EDITH's introduction, the cut scene with Beck and his crew, and the opening logos from HOCO.

Like with the HOCO edit, many edits are due to different tastes in humor, as the editor cuts many jokes I enjoy (including the May/Happy fling). I don't like how he handles the Brad drone strike sequence in either version. Cutting it takes away from Peter's self-doubt that he doesn't deserve EDITH. I know some people think it's too stupid, but IMO it's ridiculous enough to be hilarious but not bad. But the reedited version makes it even more absurd. Instead of Peter impulsively responding to someone else, he takes his glasses off as he's ordering it to not kill Brad, rather then in the initial shock of seeing it. I liked the sequence during the final battle with the kids trying to survive the drone (partially 'cause it shows how tough this MJ is), so I didn't like that it was cut. I found the replacement of the song when Peter makes the new suit to be awkward in terms of mixing. I don't think the song needed to be replaced, the OG song was fitting, as it's about Peter accepting his responsibility as Tony's successor (which isn't in opposition to being Spider-Man). I know plenty of people hate the Iron Man tie-in, but I don't. I can see what the editor was aiming for with the new song: Peter honoring the Stark legacy while also forging his own path, but, IMO, that's done anyway in the OG, by making his own new suit, so IMO it can go either way.

In the end, it's still Far From Home, mostly entirely intact with some nice added sprinkles, so I enjoyed it. Some good changes, some bad, and the rest didn't change anything for me. I feel pretty much the same way about this that I do about the HOCO edit, though the HOCO edit is a little better IMO, partially because I think the OG FFH is better then the OG HOCO and I liked some of the edits more.

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