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I just got around to watching this recently. L8wrtr has put together one great story. I was unsure this could top The Phantom Edit, but it does. Primarily the video quality is much better & there is a true intro crawl (other than an apology).

But other than that there are a myriad of changes that definitely make this edit my Episode 1 video to watch. The extras in the DVD pretty much explain the reasons why this edit is great. Only one other thing that could be done is to replace that annoying looking yoda-puppet, but perhaps that will come in the next few months? (yay)

There are a few spots I’d like to point out.
1. Removal of the “Negotiations haven’t started?…” scene at about the 8 minute mark.

I understand that the scene, as written, is too long. However, when included it does provide the viewer with some reference to the queen sitting with her advisers. I would agree with the wipe occurring when it does, but instead of wiping from a space shot to another space shot, rather wipe to the palace fly-over, show the static transmission on the Senator, and let the scene end on “communications disruption can mean only one thing… Invasion!” Then wipe straight to the invading ships. This way, the scene is shorter, and it provides the viewer with some reference as to whom she’s walking with down the stairs after her capture. I believe this is how the trailer had it, and it works great!

2. The scene where they get interrupted by a probe droid, from 49:30 to about 49:50, the colors are too ‘white’, not as warm as the scene right before it. Not sure what can be done about that, as I believe it was a cut scene from the original source material

3. At 24 minutes, the “He said I cheated” scene. I struggle with this scene. It shows that Anakin can be a hothead, and seems to fit well into the flow of events. But what was he cheating at? And is the scene a bit too cutesy? I struggle….

4. At 1 hour 14 minutes – “Roger Roger”

(5). (At 16 minutes, When Qui Gon Jinn is being questioned by the robot about his passengers. Robot looks around a bit too much) – I was gonna include this, but after rewatching the scene as is (and comparing it to the original) it actually is not bad. Now he seems to be giving them a quick look-over, then decides they’re up to no good.


There are other things that, initially, I was surprised were left in, that I find I actually liked, for example letting Jar Jar search for the Gungans. With the rest of the cuts made to his character, other things that he does now allow him to actually do something… his character has purpose near the end. Plus the Jedi/Sith battle is a lot better.

I also love the ending (and the musical choice!!!) where we wipe right after Qui Gon Jinn’s funeral. It literally left me wanting to watch Episode II.

All in all, a 9/10. Great work!
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