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(Updated: August 25, 2012)
I was enticed into watching this edit because of the 96 min run time, the use of the color-corrected Adywan version and the list of the edits (aka “cut-sheet”).

I agree with Stankpac, the opening title crawl was rushed, slow and a bit odd. However, with all the extensive edits and some slightly bold ideas, this movie does seem to move along at a fairly quick pace.

I, too, noticed the mix of hard audio cuts/edits and the fades were a bit too noticeable. There did seem to be a few places where the dialogue dropped to a lower volume, causing me to turn up my amp, then only to be assaulted by music or effects that were now too loud.

I watched this on a 55″ LED tv and the video looked fine; no better or worse than the original. The lists of edits that Stankpac noticed, I noticed as well. This edit is in need of a Version 2.

Okay, here’s where I usually depart from most reviewers of edits: I didn’t really care either way about the menu or the extras. For me, it is always about the edit itself. My opinion and subsequent review is never effected by menu or extras. Admittedly, I have made a comment or two about a menu, but only as a passing thought.

With all the issues that Stankpac has already mentioned, my few additional comments and because there are better Ep1 edits in existence already, I just wasn’t that impressed with this edit. If you haven’t watched an Ep1 edit in a while (or never have), then maybe this will be worth the time to D/L and watch.

**** In interest of full disclosure, I feel it is important to mention that I have reached my limit on SW Eps 1 thru 3 edits. I am not sure I can watch any more of them. ****

**** REVIEW UPDATE July 17, 2010****

Before I begin the update to my review, it is important to state that no one has asked, coerced or otherwise pressured me to update my previous review. The short history behind my update: I somehow managed to click on a low star rating when I completed my review. This, in turn, sparked some confusion and debate in the chat room and among a great many of the regular reviewers, admins etc. Typically, I am known for giving constructive reviews/explanations (whether my rating is high or low), so people were confused. I happened into the chat room while the discussion was taking place. After talking with Boon, elbarto1, Blueyoda and L8wrtr, I was able to get my star rating corrected and I thought I needed to go back and “review” my own review. Again, my relation with the editor had no or the other people l have already mentioned had no bearing on my decision to go back to this edit.

I have to admit, I am somewhat burnt out on on SW episode edits and my original review reflects that; even though I tried to ensure it did not. Also, I got a little lazy and just echoed things that Stankpac had written in his edit. I didn’t provide enough of my own information to make my review mine. So, after a great “date night” with my wife last night, I woke up with a re-charged attitude and while she still slept, decided to watch this edit again. This is the result …

As with my first viewing, it still seems to me that the opening crawl is slightly rushed, then slightly slow, then normal. I definitely liked the custom L8wrtr title. Things like this help in giving me the feel that I am watching something new/different. As did the custom credits, which I rarely watch; either in an original or edit. That feeling of watching something new/different and at the same time watching something familiar is one of the points of fan editing.

Yes, the battle droid audio edits are noticeable. Thankfully the “roger, roger” is gone (except for one spot), but the droids definitely are still acting out the dialogue. I can forgive this, because the “roger, roger” and other battle droid dialogue is grating.

As my original review, other than a couple of small audio edits (as previously mention by all the reviewers), there are no hard cuts/edits that I noticed, even the second time around. As far as my previously mentioned low dialogue, then high effects, it still seems some of that is there. It very well could be the home theater amp I am using. It has a volume correcting option on it that can be a bit testy.

The video quality is the same as my DVD. Looked as good as the original on my 55′ tv. I didn’t noticed any of the stuttering that Stankpac mentions in his review. I purposely stop at this point and watched several times. I am not sure that the color corrected version in use here would be “wow, that is really different” to the average viewer. However, there is no loss of video quality in this edit at all.

Now as I said before, this edit moves this mediocre movie along at a very good pace. As I said, the cut sheet really enticed me to watch this edit. There are some very bold edits here. And the trimmed down scenes (especially the pod race) works for me. I disagree with Stankpac in this respect. I found the announcer in the pod race to be childish and annoying, so was glad to see him/them go.

Finally, I originally said two things: that this edit needed a Version 2. I recant that with the second viewing. I also said that there are better edits of Ep1 than this. That’s not exactly what I meant to voice. Because I have watched so many SW Ep1-3 edits as of late, I think I was/am just a little saturated with these edits.

Here’s what I meant to convey:

if you liked the original Ep1 (the battle droids , the pod race, all the action [aka a showcase of ILM's cgi] and a few other things that are no longer present in this edit), then you will probably want to go to one of the other edits of Ep1. This is a different version than those.

“… in need of a Version 2″ – what I wanted to say – that all of the reviewers (and some brief PM discussions I have had), have mentioned/noticed the same issues that could be fixed. While these are mostly minor, a Version 2 would make this edit spectacular/premier.

As for a first time out edit, this is great effort and I for one would like to see L8wrtr move away from SW movies and try his hand at something else.

*** I just have never have warmed up to this movie (the original) and other than the FEs I have watched here, haven’t watched the original version on DVD since it was first released – other than to reference a scene for video quality or to verify a plot point. ***

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