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After really enjoying your edit of Episode 2 (and deciding to keep that as my definitive version) I thought I might as well check out your edit of Episode 1.
I gotta say I always liked the movie in general, but I felt that a lot of stuff simply didnt need to be in it and was actually keeping the movie from being as good/entertaining as it could have been.
Watching your version I was quite surprised at how much this movie was improved by simply deleting a few "ingredients".
Jar jar not being a total goofy is probably the biggest improvement, followed by the Gungans being much more graceful in general.
Next big thing on my list is having a lot of the unfunny dialog/comments of the battle droids removed. Makes them seem a lot more like an actual threat, instead of a total (unfunny) joke.
Without going too much into detail (and repeating whats already in your list of changes) I gotta say I really like this edit. Watched it about 8 times so far, and I´m slowly starting to forget a lot of the crap thats shown in the original version. I think I´ll keep this one as my definitive version of the movie, the version that should have been the official one. The regular version will simply serve as an extended cut.
There are only 2 things I am really missing and I think they shouldnt have been removed.
Number one would be Obi-Wan´s comment about it not having been their day of warm welcomes, before diving down to the Gungan city. I liked that comment and cant figure out why it was cut out.
Number two would be the Tusken Raider attack during the pod race.
Both scenes/comments keep on popping up in my head while watching the movie and I miss them somehow. Other than that I´m perfectly happy with this movie.
So thank you for all your efforts on trying (and achieving) to make this a much better movie that actually feels like a star wars movie!

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Owner's reply August 25, 2013

Thank you Basswalker!

I honestly cannot recall what my line of though was regarding Obi-Wan's line. Without going back and watching the theatrical my suspicion is that in order to cut out Jar Jar's ridiculous high-jump this was required, but I could be mistaken. The Tuskin Raiders however I can specifically note had a purpose. As genuinely funny as their scene was (one of the true laugh-out-loud moments I had in the theater) I felt that given the overall place of the Sandpeople is too serious to make them the butt of a joke which didn't contribute to the story. The Tuskins brutally torture, assault and kill Anakin's mom, and Luke refers to them as a dangerous threat. For reasons of tone and continuity I just felt it best to remove them completely, even though it meant losing one of the few naturally humorous moments of the film.

But I'm glad that overall you enjoyed both Episode 1 and 2, and if you enjoyed how those played out I hope you'll give Dawn of the Empire a shot, like the rug in the Dude's room, it really ties it together nicely.

Thank you for taking the time to review both edits!

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