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So, this is a good version of this movie. Its still pretty bad, but there is so much in this movie that just doesn't make sense that you really can't do much. I mean, why is Anakin even there at the end? Why would they take him into battle? Makes no sense. Why does the droid army land halfway around the world from the major population centers? Makes no sense. The whole virgin mom thing? Dumb as hell. Oh, the change list specifically mentions the "He doesn't know greed" line as being cut, but its not. Not that its a deal breaker or even that big of an issue (the whole conversation that surrounds the line is face-palm inducing stupidity, after all).

All in all, not my favorite edit as it keeps C3PO and R2, it keeps the immaculate conception, and a few other things, but its is in many other ways exceptional. If those things don't bother you, then this may even be the best edit of this movie out there.

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