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Just watched frame sniffers re-edit of what is possible my fravorit film ,and i have to say for a movie that I'd consider to be a 5 star classic he has somehow went and improved on it ,the first 40 mins were always slow especially to people that were new to the movie ,no slow isint always a bad thing , but the standard 121 min directors cut did seem to to have a few rough edits and things that friedkin could have tweeked here and there ,but i guess he had such a hard time getting an official release for the public in general,now for me his version is a flawed masterpiece and after watching frame sniffers re-edit it's much more of a less flawed masterpiece,to think that someone could take a masterpiece and make it even better is something to really appreciate and admire,the overly long introductions are rearranged and now some are shown in flashback ,which the butchered international 90min version also did ,but that version was done in a sloppy fashion but also left a feeling that the directors cut could have been improved on somehow and this version seems to answer both versions a d also the original french version perfectly ,anyone who enjoys sorcerer either directiors cut or truncated international cut will get the best of both worlds here in an expertly edited way ,I guess one very minor complaint would be that the butcher's 90min international cut did have some extra scenes and some great editing choices that never made the directors cut ,such as the way the second truck has a lucky escape on the classic bridge scene and for me the extra footage of the rebels shooting out the tyre ,and a few other bit and prices,but these are minor nit picking and the picture quality would have changed drastically had those scenes been inserted to have the directors cut improved in quite a few important ways and a general feeling that the film is now more watchable and entertaining from start to finish is an amazing if you've never seen it or would like to see a new take on a classic piece of American cinema then i can't rate this any higher....5+ stars and a big thanks to frame sniffer for such a professional job

Well done and may thanks


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