Sonic The Hedgehog: Gotta Go Fast Cut

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As a longtime Sonic fan, I thought it was an ok movie that could've been better with more references to the classic games, a less funny villain, and the main character with a more "rock n'roll" attitude. This edit was primarily aimed at getting rid of most of the "Careyims," as I call Jim Carrey's overacting. If you pay attention, Robotnik has a more malevolent and sinister side in the script that was buried because of Jim Carrey's over the top persona. Robotnik is now more sinister, most of the film's songs have been replaced, and various sound effects from the classic Sega games have been used.
The intention was to make a streamlined version of the movie, by cutting a lot of jokes and unnecessary stuff, adding one deleted scene, toning down the Robotnik character and therefore making him more evil and dangerous, changing the soundtrack and inserting some music and sound effects from the classic Sega games.
Other Sources:
Additional Score:
"Sonic the Hedgehog Score" by Tom Holkenborg
"Sonic 1 Boss Orchestra Remix" & "Sonic 3 Majos Boss Music Orchestra' by Blake Robinson (Youtube)
"Sonic & Knuckles Act1 Boss Music Orchestra" by EPHANTOM2 (Youtube)
"Staff Credits (Sonic 1)" by Masato Nakamura (from Sega Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog 1)

Additional Songs:
"Kickstart my Heart" by Mötley Crue
"Ballroom Blitz" by Sweet
"Hard Times" by The Jetzons
"Sonic Boom" by Pastiche
"His World" by Zebrahead

Additional Sound Effects:
Sonic 1, 2, Knuckles and Sonic Mania from Sega (game sound effects)
Additional SFX from Youtube and sound banks.
Special Thanks:
ArtisDead , greenturnedblue, It'sOnRandom, and INIGHTMARES for the review and notes that improved the edit technichally, helped me to solve problems and doing last minute changes that improved a lot! Many thanks to all!
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
- Cut the flashback thing. The movie starts in the island with baby Sonic
- Just after baby Sonic enters Earth and realizes he can´t go back to his planet, I added Sonic Voice Over from a deleted scene: "She was my only friend"
- New song : "Kickstart My Heart" by Mötley Crue replacing "Don´t Stop Me Now" by Queen.
- Added some "whoosh" sound effects while Sonic is running in POV to his cave.
- Cut Crazy Carl´s showing "Sanic" drawing in the bar because that deleted scene will be added later. Here i replaced with scenes of Carl in the woods (from another deleted scene)
- Cut the whole joke/sequence of Sonic with the "terapist".
- Cut the Sonic voice over when he is sad watching "The Naked Gun" through the window.
- Added the deleted scene of Crazy Carl and Tom at the bar and then in the street. It´s a good scene and gives Tom more depth. I used ambience sound for the bar and the street, and a "sinister" music (from a sound bank) when Carl explains what is the blue devil. I also added a "whoosh" sound when Carl moves his hands fast.
- Cut Tom´s speech to the donut.

ROBOTNIK arrives:

- Cut a lot of Jim Careyisms. The whole talk with the general was trimmed.
- Cut Careyisms when Robotnik speaks with Tom
- Cut voice over of Sonic freaking out when the egg robots scan the attic
- Added some robot sounds from the games.
- Added spin sound effect when Sonic rolls the stairs
- Cut Robotnik line: "Note the like of surprise". Replaced with a reaction of Sonic
- Cut Robotnik scream when he sees Sonic
- Added some drone sounds from the movie "Oblivion"
- Cut Amazon joke
- Cut agent Stone helping Robotnik


- Cut Sonic punching the bald guy head. He just jumps
- Replaced the song when Sonic is in superspeed. New song is Ballroom Blitz by Sweet

- Cut Sonic mumbling when he is sleeping.
- Cut Robotnik sequence where he punches Stone
- Cut Stone and Robotnik dialogue: "Brilliant Sir. / Thanks...for Nothing"


- Replaced score with orchestral versions of boss battle themes from Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles.
- Cut Sonic arguing with Tom just after the spear got stuck in the dash.
- Added spindash sfx when sonic rools on the highway
- Replaced the "I have no idea" scene with the alternate shot from the trailer
- Cut Robotnik line: "Come on, Give me a big fat break!"
- Cut Robotnik licking the quill and getting electrocuted

- Cut Robotnik dance sequence. The scene ends when the power goes off


- Cut scene of Sonic with the dog
- Cut elevator sequence. After Tom gets the key we cut to the roof.
- Sonic´s "find my phone" line was replaced by "Oh, no Don´t freak out, don´t freak out, don´t freak out" (from a line I deleted before)
- Trimmed Robotnik dialogues to get rid of more Careyims
- Cut line: "I was not expecting that..."

- The whole chase sequence has Sound Effects from the games.


- Cut Robotnik joke: "Thats why I don´t have friends"
- Cut lines: "Say last words / Guacamole"
- Added a lot of sound effects from the games in the end fight

Cut Voice Over of Sonic talking with the dog when the camera pans from the attic to the sky. Some small cuts and a black screen that lasts longer.


I added "His World" by Zebrahead (From Sonic 2006) in the animated sequence and a lot of sound effects from the games.


Added scenes from Sega´s Genesis Sonic The Hedgehog to the end credits.

The new songs are:

- Hard Times by The Jetzons. (The song that inspired Ice Cap Zone theme in Sonic 3)
- "Sonic Boom" by Pastiche (from Sonic CD)


The Robotnik scene in Mushroom Planet is now a Post Credit scene and was trimmed:

- Added a estabilishing shot from Mushroom Kingdom
- New score by Tom Holkenborg: "Robotnik"
- No more "Agent Stone" joke.
- I added a "grab" sound effect when he picks up his computer.
- The scene ends when he puts his googles on.

Added the fanedit credits with the end credits suite from Sega Genesis Sonic The Hedgehog 1

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I'm not a huge fan of Sonic. Never have been. Was a huge N64 user as a kid. I loved Goldeneye and several other iconic nN64 games. Then I moved on to other shooters like Halo as I got older and away from Mario and Sonic type stuff.
But I'd be lying if I said watching this edit wasn't enjoyable. At 93 minutes long I was a happy camper watching this all the way through. For context Space Jam, the original, is less than 90 minutes, while it's sequel was just shy of 2 hours and that contributed to it's terribleness.
Jim Carrey isn't overdone since his parts were edited and toned down. Sonic himself isn't overblown either. The music replacement feels natural and I wouldn't have ever thought that some of it came from the game soundtracks.
The editing overall was very well done. Even though the source material is goofy you can tell the editor took this edit seriously with his cuts and additions.
Check it out. I wasn't groaning at all like I thought I would. I definitely recommend.

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Owner's reply April 13, 2023

Thanks a lot inightmares!

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