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TV-to-Movie August 13, 2012 4146
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This was a little disappointing for me. I only watched a handful of episodes from Season 1 so I'm not familiar with the source material. The only other frame of reference I have is juice's Smallville Episode 1 edit. (I'm not comparing the edits though.)

The tech side is great. A/V quality is as good as the source material (which isn't that great to begin with). The editing was top notch throughout.

I was let down though because it was just too long for my tastes and I was bored easily by it. Maybe if I was more of a fan of Smallville I would have enjoyed this edit more. As it stands I don't really have any strong desire to see the next installment of Smallville (be it watching Season 2 or watching a hypothetical Part 2 fanedit).

So if you're a fan of Smallville you'll hopefully like this. If you've never seen Smallville before I don't really recommend it to you.
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