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November 25, 2014    
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A truly brilliant edit from last survivor, the pacing is much better, bond's back story feels more fleshed out as a result and silver's monologues are thankfully toned down.
as mentioned in other reviews the only noticeable cut to me is on the island, the fade feels like something done on imovie and doesn't really fit with the rest of the film, although the choice of where to cut is exemplary.
the musical choices are great as well, the addition of motifs from other bond movies is excellently placed and makes the film score much more like a traditional bond movie. Although i didn't have a problem with adele's song, the choices made for the opening and end credits are well done and do not feel out of place.
as often with last survivor, this has now become my goto version of the film,
(my only two changes would be to remove M's F-word and silver's jaw pulling sequence as both are superfluous to the plot and make this difficult to watch with a child.)

Now if only someone would edit On Her Majesty's Secret Service or Octopussy. hint hint

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Hey roo5151.

Thanks so much for the review and great to see you enjoyed it so much. I kinda wished I had not done that "blur" edit effect as it seems a universal opinion that it looked goofy and amateurish. Oh well, you live and learn huh?

Nice to hear that the additional music choices worked well, as not many other people have commented on that.

As for OHMSS or Octopussy? Well, the former is my favourite Bond film of all time so perhaps I'll have a go at a streamlined version someday. Who knows? Thanks again.

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